Share Your hands To Join Our Mission

The world is passing through a phase of continuous changes not only in case education but also in case of employment. Knowledge-based Education has now changed into the Skill-based Education in perspective of job market. Therefore, our education system should have to change accordingly. Even the researchers should also have to focus their research areas on that dimensions as that it can support our society. In this respect, SAIARD has taken an oath to make our students empowered at that level as that they not only can generate their own bread and butter but also can be a support system for others. In this journey, I welcome all of you to stand beside us as that we can make our dream successful.

Enjoy the TAX Benefit under section 80G & 12A


To Reach Quality Education at the Grass-root Level


To Make Our Students Skilled and Empowered


To Fulfill the Dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat