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GIS & Space Technology for Data, Governance & Metaverse” is a culmination of diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and cutting-edge research in the field of geospatial technology and its intersection with space science. It explores the transformative impact of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Space Technology on data governance, decision-making processes, and the emerging metaverse.

In recent years, GIS and Space Technology have emerged as powerful tools for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing spatial data, enabling us to better understand our world and make informed decisions. From urban planning to environmental monitoring, from disaster management to national security, these technologies have revolutionized the way we approach complex challenges.

The #Geospatia2025 delves into various aspects of GIS and Space Technology, including their applications in sustainable development as well as examines the role of these technologies in shaping the metaverse, virtual environments where digital and physical realities seamlessly blend. Through the association and culmination of insightful chapters authored by experts and practitioners from around the world, this event aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field. It is intended for researchers, policymakers, students, and professionals who are interested in harnessing the power of GIS and Space Technology for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

We hope that this #Geospatia will serve as a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore the vast potential of GIS and Space Technology and its role in shaping our world and the metaverse.

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Special Session

Women Geospatial Leaders

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RSIGST is going to recognize eminent geospatial leaders & organizations at the platform of #Geospatia2025. Choose your preferred categories from the side video & drop your profile at the given Email Id….

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RSIGST invites geospatial leaders to join hands and work together for project and capacity development by sharing common infrastructure and ideas to make India a Geospatial Nation.

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The event is followed by a special networking Gala Dinner for the Special Invitees with a fusion of Indian Classical Music. Book your spot if interested. Special charges will be applicable for the interested ….

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