Research Areas

GIS-RS Divisions

Geospatial Technology has a versatile platform. Considering its wide range of application and importance, RSIGST brings an ocean of opportunity for the learners through its various divisions…

Our Wings

River & Water Resource
Agriculture & Landuse Planning
Environment & Natural Resource
Business & Management
Web GIS and IT
Cartography, Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
Regional and Urban Planning
Public Heath
Disaster Management

Meet our Team

D. Mallick

Specialisation: Geoinformatics, Urban & Regional Planning 

S. Kundu

Specialisation: Geoinformatics, Landuse & Planning 

M. Barman

Specialisation: Geoinformatics, IT, Web GIS Technology, Engineering

B. Basak

Specialisation: Agriculture, Landuse & Planning 

S Sen

Specialisation: Geoinformatics,Regional Planning

Dr. S. D. Bhattacharya

Specialisation: Remote Sensing, Cartography, Photgrammetry, Natural Resource, Disaster,  Landuse Planning 

S. Gulzar

Specialisation:  Geoinformatics, Natural Resource, Rural Development

J. Shaw

Specialisation:  Health & Bioinformatics

S. Maitra

Specialisation:  Computer Science & Information Technology