InSo Lab

InSo Lab or Innovation or Solution Lab is the exclusive R&D platform of RSIGST which deals with the real time problem oriented solution based model. The primary objective of this lab is to facilitate and support development of projects, products or techniques/technology aimed at specific end use. The R & D lab stresses on clearly identifying the needs for the progress of the technology so that the growth-specific efforts could be useful for the overall development of students. It envisages active student involvement and association in the development effort. The intention is that the products/technologies developed under the project by the students become useful for the benefit of the people at large. The lab will be helpful to inculcate research-based skills in the students. The lab will also help students to apply latest research techniques in their ongoing projects.

Some of the activities and targets of R & D and project Lab are as follows:

·        Basic Research

·        Applied Research

·        Development Research

·        Innovation and Entrepreneurship

·        Design and Development

·        R&D as a Source of Idea

·        Nurturing Research-Based Skills.

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Team InSo

Mr. D. Bhoumick

Faculty, ComP. Sc. & IT Div.

Mr. Shahid Gulzar

Faculty. GIS Div.

Mr. S. K. Bhoda

Faculty, BIM & GIS Tech.