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RSIGST- Digital Map Library

Digital Map Library is a unique platform and an initiative of RSIGST that will work as a storehouse of geospatial maps. It brings an opportunity to the GIS aspirants and researchers to create a map volt by their name & upload any geospatial database developed by them that can be utilized for their future reference. This library will work in credit transfer mode. So, anybody can upload, use, or purchase any map once they become members of this library. 

Our Maps Catalogue

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RSIGST, formerly IIGST offers you to be a member of its Digital Map Library (DML) on an annual subscription basis. To get the DML Membership Batch for one year you have to pay Rs. 3300/- (3000/- for Annual Membership fees + 300/- for one-time registration fees) in which you may avail of the following facilities within one year….

  1. You will get a DML Membership with a unique ID code or number, which will be valid for one year from the date of registration. Each year, it has to be renewed to avail of the DML facilities.
  2. You may use that number as a reference during your map purchase.
  3. One member with this annual membership may be able to purchase max. 5 Maps/per year at free of cost but after that, If they require any new maps that are not enlisted in the map catalog, the concerned member may place a demand at and for that, he/she has to pay Rs. 800/- for each of those maps. However, this facility will be available only for one year, with due renewal of their membership.
  4. Non-DML members have to pay Rs. 1200/- to prepare any new map(s).
  5. DML Members will get notification mail from RSIGST for any of the upcoming events or publications to be a part of it.
  6. RSIGST will also support their research publications.
  7. DML ID holders can share their maps with anybody to purchase our maps within their free limitations, i.e. 5.
  8. Except for annual fees no extra fees will be required in the case of membership renewal.

Who can take the DML Membership?

Any academic (Faculties, Research Scholars, Students etc.) and non-academic person can become a member of DML.  

How can I take DML Membership?

Pay the registration fees in the given bank account [A/C No.: 38377901244, IFSC Code: SBIN0016629, Bank Name: State Bank of India, Beneficiary Name: SAIARD-RSIGST] –  Fill up this Google Form with all details:  –  Submit it  –  Get a confirmation mail along with the Unique ID number of your DML Membership Card within 48 Hrs. –  Start Purchasing

Place Your Demand .......

Follow the steps to purchase our readymade Geospatial Maps …

 ** Go through our Map Catalogue ** Place your demand mentioning the details of your required map(s) at  **  Pay the amount in the given bank account (through online bank transfer or scan the QR Code of bank details ) as per the selling price of the concerned map(s)  **  After approval you will get the payment receipt and map(s) in your given mail id.