Prof. H. R. Betal Memorial Award

RSIGST, formerly IIGST offers an opportunity for the students to avail Prof. H.R. Betal Memorial Award who will obtain the highest score and have an outstanding performance during his/her one year PG Diploma Courses affiliated to MAKAUT University course.

Each year IIGST will provide this award in the name of late Prof. H.R. Betal who was the former Professor& Head, Dept. of Geography, Calcutta University as well as an outstanding cartographer during its annual day event. No cash prize is included with this award except a certificate and a memento.

Women Geospatial Scientists Scholarship

Women Geospatial Scientist Scholarship is an initiative and a special education drive of RSIGST, formerly IIGST to support the girl students who wants to build their career in the geospatial field and to support our country to become a geospatial nation where women can take a leading position like men.

The amount of this scholarship is Rs. 10000/- and to avail this scholarship students have to enroll in our One Year Post Graduate Diploma in Geoinformatics course (which is certified by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), Govt. of West Bengal) through an online admission test conducted by RSIGST / IIGST.

After examination first 10 students will get the opportunity to avail this scholarship and it will be provided at the time of their convocation through cheque but academically they have to perform well throughout this one year PG Diploma course and have to proven a good track record and regular attendance of more than 85%.

Along with that to get this scholarship students have to complete this course tenure with all internal and semester exams. RSIGST / IIGST will not provide any scholarship to those who will left this course in between.