International Institute of Geospatial
Science & Technology

(A constituent unit of SAIARD)

IIGST is an autonomous academic and research entity under SAIARD

IIGST provides quality education & advanced level training in geospatial field

IIGST is a secular, eco-friendly & gender sensitive institution




International Institute of Geospatial Science and Technology (IIGST) is a constituent unit of South Asian Institute for Advanced Research and Development (SAIARD) has been formed in Kolkata considering on the growing importance of geospatial field  particularly in the eastern and north-eastern parts of India. It has formed with a motto to spread the arena of geospatial technology and its applications through various multi-dimensional ways like education, research, training,  advocacy and innovation  for the sustainable and cognitive development of this greater South-East Asia region as well as to build-up a wide network throughout the world in case of sharing of knowledge and human resource

            The academic platforms of IIGST are designed in such a way as that it can meet the requirements of working professionals, academicians, researchers, planners and decision makers and in the coming future this institution will be the key player in the field of both policy making and employment generation.


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IIGST - NODAL CENTRE of IIRS Outreach Programs

Conducting Online Geospatial Training Programs of IIRS-ISRO

IIGST - Authorized CCPTR Centre of MAKAUT, W.B.

Conducting PG Diploma Courses in collaboration with and certification under MAKAUT Univ., West Bengal

IIGST - Academic & Research Partner of SU, Meerut

IIGST imparts training and education in the field of RS and GIS. M. Sc. Programme in Geo-informatics in collaboration with Shobhit University


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Geospatial Courses
Research & Projects
Entrepreneurship Development
Capacity Building
Nation Building



International Institute of Geospatial Science & Technology (IIGST), has been formed under the aegis of South Asian Institute for Advanced Research and Development (SAIARD), with broad objectives and visions to spread the arena of the application of geospatial technology throughout the world for the betterment of the society, to hold the hands of those who are primarily fond for education, to empower the people through various academic modes as well as to serve the nation for its all-round development particularly focusing on the greater South Asia Region. Hard work, teamwork, sharing of knowledge, maintaining cultural integrity are the major pillars of our institution and due to these, one day, I believe that, IIGST will set a benchmark in the global education system.


Last Date of Application: 30 April, 2023



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