Geospatial Services


Geospatial Services

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Rapid economic growth has led to historically high investment and unparalleled growth opportunities in public infrastructure such as highways, dams, ports, airports and smart cities. Our advisory mainstays include regulatory advisory, PPP frameworks, capacity enhancement and implementation support.

RSIGST provides advisory services to clients in the public and private sector for small-to-large infrastructure and development projects. Our qualified consultants aid clients with project evaluation, procurement, construction, operations and strategic capital management. We have an integrated approach to infrastructure development that blends aggressive planning strategies with optimised funding opportunities.

RSIGST partners with state and centre governments to provide leadership and support to key stakeholders and decision makers. Successful completion of PPP projects riddled with complexities is dependent on comprehensive technology driven processes that fulfil schedule, monetary and regulatory demands. We have a proven track record of executing projects in many challenging locations across the country. RSIGST consultants follow a systematic process that achieves consistent results.


Our Infrastructure advisory team consists of civil engineers, architects, planning and design experts. We approach each project with the objective to actualise its ultimate utility. A progressive approach to development drives us to innovate and overcome the complexities of each vertical be it Energy, Urban Development, Industrial or Commercial infrastructure. Our plans are backed by legal, environmental and regulatory due-diligence that minimises the risk of delays.


Our engineering teams have extensive experience of the most successful global engineering practices that employ the latest in technology. Our project execution plans focus on reducing the need for redesigns, thus controlling both costs and schedules. Our background in investments and finance ensures that we have the network and resources to secure appropriate financial resources to see the project to completion.


We partner with clients to deliver world-class facilities on schedule using technology driven engineering capabilities. Following a grounded approach that aligns the expectations of all the stakeholders and the community is key to the RSIGST way of working and thinking. Clients rely on RSIGST to supply multidisciplinary expertise that ensures the smooth delivery of a project based on strategic implementation of commercial drivers and public resources.

RSIGST Geospatial Services

Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing
3D Building landmarks
Digital Photogrammetry
Municipal GIS
Cadastral Mapping
LiDAR Data Processing
Drone Data Processing
Viewshed Analysis
Building Footprint
Parcel Mapping
Indoor Mapping
Watershed Analysis
Full Stack Development
Web Portal
BIM Tech

RSIGST Survey Solutions

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